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New substitute technology parallel to blockchain technology but more advanced, more efficient, more secure, friendly to the environment and that produces profit every day in a guaranteed way for all users of our platforms and DIGITAL ART market.

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Turn your own authored images into NFT Artdots and sell or auction them on our platforms at the value you want in fractions and watch your personal account grow.

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Buy our FT Artdot token in our Initial Coin Offering and exchange it with a higher value later 100% guaranteed

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The Artdotchain FT ArtdoToken presale event is open now!

Reshape the World of Investing with us Venture Capital and Private Equity outstanding opportunities for everyone 


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Do you want to earn money with a cryptocurrency safely with no volatility ever?

Buy our FT Artdot, the ONLY token in the world that its value goes up every day

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Buy fractions of NFT Artdots and watch how its value grows daily guaranteed 100% no matter what happens in the world market, the politics in the world, in digital currencies or Fiat currencies.

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Learn all about our Artdottech™© Technology and show others how to make money on our platforms. It is up to you how much you want to charge for teaching others.

Next Generation DIGITAL ART Platform and Ecosystem

Next Generation DIGITAL ART Platform and Ecosystem   • The most advanced DIGITAL ART Platform on the market.  • Where you can create your own DIGITAL ART and Sell it in your own DIGITAL ART Gallery.  • Buy and sell DIGITAL ART instantly.  • Make your DIGITAL ART transactions easier than ever.  • Create and mint your own creative DIGITAL ART images using our Artdot-Tech™© Laboratory,  • Upload, register and auction your creative and unique images on our DIGITAL ART Artdot Marketplace!  • And many more services… check out our WHITE PAPER!


Presale Event #1

March 16 to April 17

Discount Price: $10 USD

FT Artdot Quantity: 0.002

Worth over $120 USD


Presale Event #2

April 18 to May 20

Discount Price: $10 USD

FT Artdot Quantity: 0.0016


Presale Event #3

May 21 to June 17

Discount Price: $10 USD

FT Artdot Quantity: 0.001


Presale Event #4

June 18 to July 20

Discount Price: $10 USD

FT Artdot Quantity: 0.05

Start your DIGITAL ART journey with our Artdot-Tech™© Ecosystem

Our Artdot-Tech™© Ecosystem allows our users to convert their own images into encrypted Digital Art using Artdotchain Technology (latest generation Blockchain) and then sell or auction it on our platforms by acquiring FT Artdots, the only fungible token in the world that goes up in value every day. They can then exchange their digital image using FT Artdot without having to go anywhere else and do so in complete safety.

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Artdot-Tech™© Ecosystem - The New Mobile DIGITAL ART Marketplace

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what´s our technology all about

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our new Artdot Technology, the Artdotchain and the entire Ecosystem that we have created to facilitate everything you need to make money with your own images in one place.

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Contact us to arrange your payment. Only for purchases over $50,000 USD. You can buy smaller quanties of FT Artdot or fractions of the NFT Artdot (Digital Art images encrypted in Artdotchain encryption protocol) in our NFT Store.

GET YOUR Artdot-Tech™© ICO

Presale Event #1
March 16 to April 17

Discount Price: $10 USD

FT Artdot Quantity: 0.002

The amount of FT Artdot is the same every day but the exchange rate goes up daily.
As of March 16, 0.002 FTA equals $120. 83 USD

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