Artdotchain is the new next generation Blockchain and cryptography encryption protocol based on a number theory algorithm solved by Artist and Mathematician and author of Artdotchain Technology Guillermo A. Arango J. which ensures that we use advanced mathematics to secure our funds, making sure no one else can spend them.

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The Artdotchain algorithm guarantees the security of the encrypted data in fragments (blocks similar to the blockchain protocol but that use the natural number algorithm) that are joined and stored in the servers and smartphones of the users that act as nodes of the network by maintaining a secure and decentralized record of transactions.


The Artdotchain differs from Blockchain in that it is more advanced, more efficient, safer, faster and more environmentally friendly since it does not need energy consumption as in blockchain mining where reports state that each Bitcoin transaction consumes 1,173 kilowatt hours of electricity, that's the volume of energy that could "power the typical American household for six weeks."


Transactions are validated in real time and secured on your smartphone with no possibility of balance loss. Even in case of data or smartphone loss, the Artdotchain algorithm recovers automatically when you get a new smartphone and install our Artdot-Tech™© App.


Users who register in our Artdot-Tech™© Ecosystem have the right to upload any creative image of their authorship and convert it to an NFT Artdot through the Artdot-Tech™© Laboratory Platform in their personal account. This conversion of an image to an NFT Artdot consists of assigning a HASH in Artdotchain encryption that certifies that you are the true owner of the NFT Artdot.


When users enter and use our platform, they accept the official value that Artdot-Tech™© independently establishes each day for one FT Artdot, the digital currency used in our Artdot-Tech™© Ecosystem, so that, by consensus, this is the value of the FT Artdot.

The FT Artdot is equivalent to the final sale value of each NFT Artdot that users and Artdot-Tech™© create in the Artdot-Tech™© Platform Laboratory (where the Minting of NFT Artdots and FT Artdots takes place) and that enter into circulation in the Artdot-Tech™© Ecosystem and therefore the FT Artdots are backed 1:1 by Digital Currencies and Fiat Currencies.

Likewise, the FT Artdot is backed by the algorithm based on the theory of numbers solved by the artist and mathematician Guillermo A. Arango J. that ensures a formidable encryption protocol that allows backup security and exceptional transactional efficiency to the point that they do in real time.

With this cutting-edge Technology we guarantee our users can have profit in the transactions made in our Artdot-Tech™© Marketplace.


Artdot-Tech™© Team



Our initial portfolio consists of 20 Artdot Genesis Images + 130 Exclusive Edition of the "Exclusive Digital Art of Top Influencers"

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