Artdotchain Knowledge Challenge

The Artdotchain Knowledge Challenge is a unique opportunity for individuals to test their knowledge and understanding of various subjects related to Artdotchain Technology. The challenge consists of a series of questions that cover topics such as The Metaverse, Blockchain, and Artdotchain. Participants can take the challenge online and complete the test in our platform. You can take the test as many times as you want until you get the perfect score.



The Artdotchain Knowledge Challenge is designed to promote intellectual curiosity and critical thinking in the field of the advanced Artdotchain Digital Art Technology. It encourages participants to explore new areas of interest and expand their knowledge base while engaging in friendly studies you can find at:  

All participants who score 100% will receive $1,000,000 USD Store Credit along with their invited group friends!

To participate in our Artdotchain Knowledge Challenge you must follow these steps:

1.       Register on our platform

2.       Support us by following our social networks

3.      Go to your platform to send $1.000.000 USD Store Credit to your friends to participate in the "Artdotchain Knowledge Challenge" If either of them gets 100% correct answers on the Metaverse, Blockchain and Artdotchain exam on our platform,, all the group of friends you invited will receive $1,000,000 USD each in additional Store Credit! to live an experience like no other! The more friends you send the $1,000,000 USD, the more chances you get to get more Store Credit.


💥 If you don´t want to take the exam, but you want the $1.000.000 USD credit sent to you, you can activate it automatically with a payment of $20 USD directly in the shopping cart with credit or debit card at Colombian users can transfer $80.000.000 Colombian pesos to the Bancolombia savings account assigned contacting our support WhatsApp line +57 320 658 4984 (chat only, no calls are attended). 💥

* Participants are invited to the Artdotchain Knowledge Challenge by an Artdot-Tech™© user. Contact our WhatsApp support line at +57 320 658 4984 (chat only, no calls accepted) to get the Artdotchain Knowledge Challenge invitation if you don´t have an Artdot-Tech™© user inviting you and register to participate in this challenge.