Guide 5


Artdot-Tech™© Course Advisors

The Artdot-Tech™© instructions provide a comprehensive guide for Course Advisors on how to promote the Artdot-Tech™© Certified Miner Course and platform effectively. These instructions cover everything from posting on social media to promoting it to managing student enrollment. By following these instructions, Course Advisors can optimize their course promotions and increase their chances of success on the platform. It is essential to become familiar with these guidelines before approaching potential students.


First step:

The first step to promoting the course is to create a social media promotion. Course Advisors need to make sure that their content is well structured and covers all the necessary topics. They should use all the material in the website to keep potential students interested. Artdot-Tech™© provides a variety of Guides to help Course Advisors send them to potential students and freelance job seekers. By following these instructions, Course Advisors can create high-quality freelance job calls that stand out from the competition.

Tips for Promoting the Artdot-Tech™© Miner Certification Course

1.      Use social media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be powerful tools for getting the word out about freelance opportunities. The Course Advisor must create social media posts that highlight the benefits of becoming certified with Artdot-Tech™© and encourage their followers to share these posts on their networks.

2.      Partnering with Educational Institutions: Course Advisors may establish partnerships with educational institutions, such as colleges, universities, or vocational schools, to promote the certificate program to students who may be interested in freelancing. These schools and organizations could help spread the word about Artdot-Tech™© opportunities to their members.

3.      Advertise on job search sites: Posting jobs on popular job searches like Indeed or Glassdoor can be an effective way to reach a wide audience of freelance job seekers.

4.      Offer Information Sessions: Hosting information sessions or webinars to explain the certification process and requirements can help potential candidates better understand the process and increase their interest in becoming certified.

5.      Use email marketing: Course Advisors can use email marketing campaigns to reach people who have previously expressed an interest in freelancing, offering information about the certification program and Artdot-Tech™© opportunities.

6.      Offer Incentives – To encourage potential students to apply for the ArtDot-Tech™© Certified Miner Course, the Course Advisor can mention that every certified student gets a steady freelance task with Artdot-Tech™© with FT Artdot deposits worth over $10,000 USD per month directly into their personal account.

7.      Capitalize on word of mouth: Satisfied freelancers can be some of the best advocates for Course Advisors. Encouraging freelancers to share their positive work experiences with the company, with their friends and professional networks can help attract more candidates.


Student Enrollment Management

As students enroll in a course, Course Advisors must manage their progress and participation. Artdot-Tech™© provides guidance on how to enroll potential students for independent work, as well as how to communicate with students effectively.

To enroll a student, the Course Advisor promotes the cost of the course between 60% and 90% of the value of the course on the platform. The Course Advisor must receive the payment of his commission directly from the student that ranges between 10% and 30% of the value of the course before guiding the student to make the purchase of the Course Payment Code in the shopping cart with a 50 % discount.

The student then uses this Course Payment Code to pay for the course in the shopping cart. Once the potential student has paid for the course with the Course Payment Code, he must send this Course Payment Code to the Course Advisor so that he can file it through his personal Academy account and the system will validate the payment of the student's course.

Colombian students can pay for the Course Payment Code by sending the payment through a local bank transfer. For further instructions, please contact the WhatsApp support line +57 320 6584984.

How to Pay for the Course with The Course Payment Code

1. The student first generates the Course Payment Code with a 50% discount at by paying it and sending it to his email. Also, in the message box, remember to insert the name and email of the Course Advisor (required).


2. Go to the shopping cart at and add the course to the shopping cart.

3. In the shopping cart, insert the Course Payment Code you received in your email into the space on the left side under "Coupon code" and click "Apply coupon". The system reduces the payment to zero and you simply press the "Proceed to checkout" button.

4. In the Payment Order, fill in the information and in section "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" and the field "Order notes" in the lower left part you must enter the Payment Code + The Name and Email of the Course Advisor.

5. Then, send this Course Payment Code to your Course Advisor so that he can register it through his Academy platform and the payment can be validated. Failure to do so will result in non-validation and indefinite delay of payment while you consolidate with the Course Advisor

6. Go to your Academy Platform, select the “I purchased a Course, register my payment code” option and insert the Payment Code for your order to be processed.


Provide Quality Feedback

Feedback is essential for both Course Advisors and students. Course Advisors must provide regular feedback to their students to help them improve their learning outcomes. Artdot-Tech™© provides guidance on how to provide effective feedback that encourages student engagement and progress. Course Advisors should also be open to receiving feedback from their students and using it to improve their sales. By following these instructions, instructors can create a positive feedback loop that benefits everyone involved in the learning process.

Effective Use of These Instructions

The Artdot-Tech™© instructions provide a comprehensive guide for Course Advisors on how to use the platform effectively. By following these guidelines, Course Advisors can create high-quality sales, attract students, and provide an engaging learning experience.
It is essential to familiarize yourself with these instructions before contacting potential students and self-employed job seekers. With the right focus and mindset, Course Advisors can achieve success on the platform and have a positive impact on the lives of their students and freelance job seekers.
By using a combination of these strategies, Course Advisors can increase awareness of the ArtDot-Tech™© certification program and attract a larger pool of qualified candidates who are interested in freelancing. In addition, offering good customer service can help the Course Advisor stand out from the competition and attract the best talent.