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Start your DIGITAL ART journey with our Artdot-Tech™© Ecosystem

The New Mobile DIGITAL ART Marketplace

• The most advanced DIGITAL ART Platform on the market.

• Where you can create your own DIGITAL ART and Sell it in your own DIGITAL ART Gallery

• Buy and sell DIGITAL ART instantly.

• Make your DIGITAL ART transactions easier than ever.

• Create and mint your own creative DIGITAL ART images using our Artdot-Tech™© Laboratory,

• Upload, register and auction your creative and unique images on our DIGITAL ART Artdottech™© Marketplace!

• And many more services…

You can post original creative expressions of any form of art, music, video game merchandise, trading cards/collectible items, great sports moments, memes, domain names, virtual fashion, online miscellaneous, or virtually any unique creation made by you. The sky is the limit.

Easy steps:
1. Upload your creative image.

2. Upload any documentation that supports your rights to the image.

3. The creative image is posted on our Verification Platform for 15 days for any copyright challenges.

4. When validation is done (no copyright challenges are filed), your DIGITAL ART is posted for sale or auction on our DIGITAL ART Artdot Marketplace Platform.

Now, because your creative DIGITAL ART are auctioned or sold in FT Artdots (the fungible token on our platforms), your DIGITAL ART increases in value. If your DIGITAL ART was divided into 1,000 parts, each part goes up in value each day. You can split your DIGITAL ART into any even number of parts on the Artdot-Tech™© Laboratory Platform.

Once you register with Artdot-Tech™©, you will use a complete set of platforms to perform all of your operations using our services at:

Artdot-Tech™© App Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© NFT Artdot Marketplace Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© NFT Artdot Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Gallery Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Exchange Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© FT Artdot Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Wallet Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Verifications Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Laboratory Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Premium Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Academy Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Information Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Transactions Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Collections Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Research Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Fiat Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Platform,

Artdot-Tech™© Awards Platform.