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Congratulations to NFT Artdot 41_Shakira and her voters!
It's the NFT Artdot winner of all groups!

The winners of each group of top influencers are:

Latin Singers: NFT Artdot 41_Shakira (Overall Winner)
Global Singers: NFT Artdot 34_Billie_Eilish
Latin Influencers: No winner, zero votes

Global Influencers: NFT Artdot 150_Charli_D'Amelio
Latin Athletes: NFT Artdot 3_Lionel_Messi
Global Athletes: No winner, zero votes

Actors: NFT Artdot
Actresses: NFT Artdot 119_Sofia_Vergara

Voting details for each of the top influencers in the exclusive collection can be viewed by clicking on each of the groups.

 ---------LATIN SINGERS--------------------------LATIN INFLUENCERS---------------------LATIN ATHLETES--------------------------------ACTORS--------------------

Latin Singers Vote Latin Influencers Vote Latin Athletes Vote Actors Vote

 ---------GLOBAL SINGERS-----------------------GLOBAL INFLUENCERS-------------------GLOBAL ATHLETES----------------------------ACTRESSES----------------

Global Singer Vote Global Influencers Vote Global Athletes Vote Actresses Vote